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Strategic Maritime Solutions, LLC. - Safety, Security, Simplified

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Strategic Maritime Solutions enhances your safety and protects your investments on the water. SMS offers cutting edge, hands on communications and boater safety training, and client centered, customized facility and vessel security planning. We partner with you, as a recreational or professional member of the maritime community, to ensure you are prepared for anything that can happen on the water.

It's Your Asset


Real world training that will save your life in an emergency and take the stress out of boating

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Services designed to mitigate risk, enhance security, and reduce insurance costs

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Two-hour courses designed for you and your crew to hone the skills you learned in class on your boat

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Save It

Everyday to MAYDAY

Your Asset is important. By investing two hours in enhancing your ability to communicate, you’ll have more fun every day you spend on the water, understand what you should do during an emergency, and ensure you can save yourself if you ever have to call MAYDAY.

● Two hour training investment that will make your everyday boating more enjoyable

● Practical, need to know methods to communicate during an emergency on the water

● Proven techniques that could save your life

Course - $27


What you do EVERY day can keep your Asset from calling MAYDAY. Invest two hours in your everyday skills and take the stress out of boating by learning how to communicate with your crew, maneuver safely in close quarters and on open water, and anchor off any coast for a drink.

● Two hour training investment that will make you look like a pro on the water

● Practical, hands on training that covers every aspect of a full day on the water

● Proven stress reducing everyday boating techniques

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THAT day

Your Asset is in trouble. If something happens to you, does anyone onboard know how to help? If something happens to the boat, can you make it back? In two hours, learn just enough about fire, flooding, man overboard scenarios, radio use, and more so you can live to talk about THAT day.

● Two hour training investment to prepare Captain, crew, and passengers for life or death situations

● Scenario based approach to underway emergency management

● Learn how to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem

THAT DAY - Classroom
Course - $47

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Your Asset is sinking. Know who to call, how to reach them, and what to do to make it back alive.

In two hours, you will know how to use your VHF radio, the Rescue21 system, and all your emergency signaling equipment. Give yourself a fighting chance to survive.

● Two-hour training investment that focuses on how to survive the worst case scenario on the water

● Learn from MAYDAY case studies

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Cover It

Recreational Security Assessment

Time on your Asset should be spent on the water, not dockside dealing with police after a break in. A certified crime prevention specialist can assess and mitigate risks to your personal safety and security. Reduce your personal liabilities on the water.

● Minimize your risk of a break in while you’re on or off your boat

● Make small, inexpensive changes that reduce a criminal’s ability to target you

● Avoid the hassle of dealing with police and insurance claims by not being victimized

Commercial Security Planning

If your Asset is engaged in commercial operations on the water, there is a good chance you are required to implement a Coast Guard approved Security Plan. It is our goal to provide you an effective analysis of the current risks facing your company in order to identify and mitigate the threats you face underway.

● Assessment, planning, and implementation of Coast Guard approved Facility and Vessel security plans

● Customized training opportunities and intrusion testing to meet existing plan requirements

● Certified crime prevention specialists well versed in the methodology of the U.S. Coast Guard

Sit On It

Preferably in your Captain’s chair

No one enjoys navigating the unknown. Professional and recreational mariners ply their respective waterways to stay out of the office. Leverage our experience to simplify your boating life. Strategic Maritime Solutions can take the confusion out of the paperwork, the anxiety out of an unknown Port, the stress out of entertaining clients on the water while simultaneously trying to captain your vessel, and more.


Apply your everyday boating skills underway with a close quarters expert. Take charge of your boat and build on the crew communication and close quarter operations skills by calling out commands, passing the lines, and docking like a pro. Every Day.

● Practical close quarter maneuvering exercises on your own boat

● Work through multiple docking scenarios to boost your skills

● Focus on crew communications skills to simplify everyday operations


Spend two hours on the water focusing on what it really means to be “Captain”. Protect yourself and your crew by practicing how to respond to emergencies on your boat. Work through the scenarios you considered in class with a pro who regularly responds to emergencies on the water. When THAT Day comes, don’t make the mistakes others have.

● Scenario based emergency response to fire, flooding, and man overboard

● Work through three scenarios from onset to recovery

● Focus on emergency communications with crew and responders to enhance survivability


Know your equipment is going to work when you call MAYDAY. Bring an FCC certified technician out to your boat to test your VHF radio output and antenna reception. Verify your DSC emergency button is fully functional, and update your MMSI database information. Be confident that your equipment will function as exceptionally as you and your crew.

VHF Radio Inspection

Stop embarrassing your asset calling for illegal radio checks on channel 16.

Bring in an FCC certified technician to test your VHF radio output, antenna reception, verify your DSC emergency button is fully functional, and to update your MMSI database information.

Have peace of mind.

Know your equipment will work when you need it.

VHF Radio Inspection - On The Water
Course - $299

Merchant Mariner Application Completion

● Save time and avoid hassle with step by step instructions throughout the process

● Avoid delays by relying on the expertise of a licensed MMC holder with extensive experience working with the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center

● Fill out ONE form, have ONE conversation, receive a COMPLETE application

Services - $125

Captain for Hire

●Entertain business clients or friends without the anxiety of managing your vessel

● Professional, licensed 100-ton Master Captain

● Local cruises and port to port vessel moving services available

$125 p/hour

2-Hour Seminar

In collaboration with Technical Marine Support

What's the POINT?

If you don’t know IT, the chances that you can get lifesaving help on the water are next to none.  Your point is EVERYTHING in an emergency.  GET IT in this two-hour seminar focused on GPS waypoints and their vital relationship to boating safety.  Learn how to use your marine electronics to find your position, understand various GPS formats, and leave knowing how to translate and report your position accurately.  There is no skill more likely to save your life on the water.  

● Practical instruction and demonstration from experts in VHF, DSC, radar, and AIS use

● Examine actual search and rescue cases that highlight the importance of the POINT in multiple scenarios

● Gain confidence in the use of your marine electronics to enhance your safety on the water

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