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Strategic Maritime Solutions, LLC. - Safety, Security, Simplified

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Strategic Maritime Solutions enhances your safety and protects your investments on the water. SMS offers cutting edge, hands on communications and boater safety training, and client centered, customized facility and vessel security planning. We partner with you, as a recreational or professional member of the maritime community, to ensure you are prepared for anything that can happen on the water.

It's Your Asset


Real world training that will save your life in an emergency and take the stress out of boating

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In collaboration with Technical Marine Support

Speaking of Safety … What’s the POINT?

If you don’t know your position, your "Point”, the chances of getting life saving help on the water are slim to none. Your Point is EVERYTHING in an emergency. Get right to the Point at this two hour seminar focused on GPS waypoints another vital relationship to Search and Rescue. Learn how to use the safety electronics on your boat before you need them. Learn how first responders use safety electronics to respond to situations. Knowing your position and reporting it accurately is essential to boating safety. 

● Practical instruction and demonstration from experts in VHF, DSC, radar, and AIS use

● Examine actual search and rescue cases that highlight the importance of the POINT in multiple scenarios

● Gain confidence in the use of your marine electronics to enhance your safety on the water

Speaking of Safety 2-Hour Seminar
Multiple Locations - Starting at $49

Mariner's Lifeline

Everyday to MAYDAY

Your Asset is important. By investing two hours in enhancing your ability to communicate, you’ll have more fun every day you spend on the water, understand what you should do during an emergency, and ensure you can save yourself if you ever have to call MAYDAY.

● Two hour training investment that will make your everyday boating more enjoyable

● Practical, need to know methods to communicate during an emergency on the water

● Proven techniques that could save your life

Course - $37


What you do EVERY day can keep your Asset from calling MAYDAY. Invest two hours in your everyday skills and take the stress out of boating by learning how to communicate with your crew, maneuver safely in close quarters and on open water, and anchor off any coast for a drink.

● Two hour training investment that will make you look like a pro on the water

● Practical, hands on training that covers every aspect of a full day on the water

● Proven stress reducing everyday boating techniques

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THAT day

Your Asset is in trouble. If something happens to you, does anyone onboard know how to help? If something happens to the boat, can you make it back? In two hours, learn just enough about fire, flooding, man overboard scenarios, radio use, and more so you can live to talk about THAT day.

● Two hour training investment to prepare Captain, crew, and passengers for life or death situations

● Scenario based approach to underway emergency management

● Learn how to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem

THAT DAY - Classroom
Course - $47

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Your Asset is sinking. Know who to call, how to reach them, and what to do to make it back alive.

In two hours, you will know how to use your VHF radio, the Rescue21 system, and all your emergency signaling equipment. Give yourself a fighting chance to survive.

● Two-hour training investment that focuses on how to survive the worst case scenario on the water

● Learn from MAYDAY case studies

Course (coming soon)

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